Age Changes You!

I’m not the kind of guy who gets impressed with glitz and glamour. I couldn’t care less what a person wears, how they’re kept or the level of education they have. It makes absolutely no difference to me if the person is tall or short, fat or skinny or average. I like people for honesty, integrity and kindness, this is honestly how I pick my friends.

A long time ago, I was told that your friends are a reflection of who you are. In the course of my daily life, I come across a lot of people. I used to pride myself on being a decent judge of character, meeting someone and pretty much after a few moments of chat, knowing immediately  if this person fits into my definition of what a friend or acquaintance should be.  But as I get older, I find myself slipping, I find myself increasingly accepting people into my life that just a few years ago, I wouldn’t. This phenomenon amazes me.

I’ve been told that it might all come down to being lonely. I am in my late 30s, not married. I watch as my friends live their lives with their spouses and children while I come home to an empty house. I see people my age throwing bar and bat mitzvah parties for their children or getting married for the second or in one case, the third time, while I sit at home and watch tv.

But the truth is, that I’m not lonely.  People to talk to are plentiful, I have a good family, good friends, work is pleasant, loneliness doesn’t fit into the factor. I think it all comes down to the fact that as we get older, we mellow. I’m approaching middle age, there’s only two ways to go, mid-life crisis or mellow, so I’m mellowing.

I don’t know how the mellowing process is going to end, I just know that right now, I’m a kinder, gentler man.  We’ll see how long that lasts!

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