Boisvenu is right, some prisoners deserve to die.

I’ve been hearing and reading all week about the outrage over Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu. The Senator stated that in his opinion, it costs taxpayers too much money to jail murderers, so, he logically, convicted killers should be given a rope in their cell just in case they want to hang themselves.

Boisvenu is a victims right advocate. He took the roll after his daughter, Julie was kidnapped, raped and murdered in 2002. It’s hard to criticize a man who saw first hand the evil that other people could inflict on another person. It’s hard to imagine, unless you’ve been in the situation, the pain, suffering and anguish parents of murder victims go through knowing that their child’s life has come to an end, yet a portion of their tax dollars are paying for the housing and feeding of the monster who caused all their grief.

Boisvenu made the statement at the beginning of suicide prevention week and was immediately condemned by Bruno Marchand, a spokesperson for the Quebec Society for the Prevention of Suicide. Marchand said that Boisvenu’s comments are perpetrating the myth that suicide is rational, when studies have shown that people kill themselves to end their own personal suffering.

While I could empathize with Marchand’s stance, the truth is that Boisvenu’s statement had nothing to do with suicide.

What Boisvenu was saying, (and I believe the message has been clouded by anti-death penalty/suicide agenda thumping thugs who have succeeded in forcing him to back down) is that in certain cases, when there is no hope of rehabilitation, perhaps the death of the inmate would be the most appropriate action.

Boisvenu pointed out that the Shafia family, three monsters, two parents and a son, who killed their entire family over ‘honour’ will eventually cost taxpayers over the course of their respected life sentences $10 million to house in a Canadian prison.

The Parti Quebecois justice critic Véronique Hivon, condemned Boisvenu for his comment and called them “totally unacceptable in a democracy like ours.” She requested that Prime Minister Stephen Harper remove him as the Quebec spokesman on Justice matters.

Mme Hivon makes me laugh. It always amazes me how hypocritical the PQ is at all times. Here’s a political party that regularly advocates for the abolishment of English and the destruction of Canada, a party that encourages and enforces the continued oppression of the French people of Quebec by forcing them and their children to be unilingual and unmarketable outside of their tiny hovel. Hearing the PQ talk about human rights is akin to asking the murderer to do grief counselling for their victims families.

In my opinion, looking at the numbers, Mr. Boisvenu’s statements make clear sense. Housing the Shafia family for life, $10 million, buying a piece of rope at a local hardware store, $50 and it’s reusable. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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  1. I plainly understand Senator Bienvenu altough I am against death penalty.I share his sentiments and if a murderer dies by any means; I will not tear my shirt over it.

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