A friend indeed is a former friend later?

I don’t have very many close friends. I know a lot of people, I talk to tons of people a week, but there aren’t very many I would consider close friends.

At one time I believed that friendships were essential to emotional and spiritual health, but the older I get, the more I realize that friendships are transient.

We make friends at work, colleagues who share the same interest or jobs as us, but how many of those friendships carry outside of the working environment? When they do, do things that happen at work effect the friendship? What happens when one friend gets promoted and becomes the other friend’s boss? Things could get dicey then.

Over the years I’ve made a few close friends, people I could trust with anything. What fascinates me though, is the fact that even though you feel that these friendships will last forever, sometimes they just fizzle out or an act of inconsideration or betrayal destroys them.

While I appreciate all my friends, I have come to realize that even though some friendships are temporary or convenient, they are still real while they last. So I cherish those friendships, I work to cultivate them and when they come to an unfortunate end, I try to keep the good memories and forget the bad.

You can’t change the past, you can only build the future, so here’s to all my past friends, still active or not, it’s been great! To all my future friends, welcome, let’s enjoy the ride while it lasts!

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