A Thank You and Some Changes to the Howie Silbiger Show

I would like to thank you for making The Howie Silbiger Show the most listened to Jewish themed show in the country. According to a recent survey done by 1650 AM Radio Shalom Montreal (a 1 kw station), The Howie Silbiger Show is listened to by over  5000 people a week on their station, plus nearly 1000 a week tune in online between Radio Shalom’s website and Truetalkradio. The archives of the show, hosted by truetalkradio.com,  in the last year, have logged over 30,000 hours of listening time.

Over the years the show has received thousands of emails of support and suggestions on how to make the show better. I’ve read and responded to nearly every email I received and have listened to your suggestions.

I remind you that in the last few months, the show has become a – one man show – as I have been doing four times duty as call screener, show technician, researcher and host. That is a lot of work for one person, I invite volunteers who want radio experience to join my team.

Starting the next live show in 2 weeks, there will be slight changes to the way The Howie Silbiger Show is presented.

The first hour of the show will deal exclusively with domestic social and international social problems. Callers will be invited to join the conversation. When time permits, a guest will be invited to join the conversation.

Some of the topics we will cover in the next few weeks:

Does God Exist? Can you be Jewish or Catholic and not believe in God? – We will talk to both an atheist and a Rabbi, maybe even an Imam and a priest to explore this vast and widely disputed topic.

Conspiracy Theories – Seems like whenever anything happens, there’s a conspiracy theory to follow. We’ll explore various conspiracy theories and explore what to believe and not believe when it comes to official versions of world events.

The Middle East Situation – With wars raging throughout the middle east, we will take to experts to try to make sense of what’s going on and how the world will be affected by the end result of all the wars.

The psychology of Terrorism – we will be joined by a psychological expert to examine the psychology of terrorism, whether it be home grown or foreign and we will examine how much danger we really are in when it comes to terrorist threats.

The second hour of the show will cover current events and news events, local, national and international, such as Canadian politics, Quebec language laws and the local Jewish community.

Grade 11 student, Itai Azerrad will continue to join me during this segment. We will also invite expert guests to shed light on some of the topics we plan to explore.

Some of the topics we’ll cover in the next few weeks:

The Language Laws – are we entering into an era of oppression? Will the Quebec Government eventually outlaw English?

Is the Montreal Jewish Community going to survive the current trend of assimilation?

Who chooses the staff in our schools? Are they vetted, background checked?

Are our schools prepared in the case of a school shooter?

Hour number three will deal with morality.

There are many moral issues that we face on a daily basis. We all react differently to them. Some of the topics we will explore:

Your child tells you they are gay.  How do you react?

Your child tells you they are marrying outside the faith, what do you do?

You are standing in the line at a supermarket, the guy next to you slips a chocolate bar in his pocket, do you tell the cashier?

You finish paying for a product in a store and the cashier gives you the wrong change. You know that when the cash closes that night, the cashier will have to pay the difference out of pocket. Do you give the change back?

Your neighbour is selling illegal access to satellite signals, do you squeal?

Plus the show will take a break from all the issues occasionally to cover a late breaking story or join a press conference live.

I hope you join me on Sunday nights between 6 and 9 pm for The Howie Silbiger Show, feel free to call in, take part in the program and enjoy the show!



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  1. 5,000 listeners is a pitifully small number. I think you have much too large an ego and with too small an intellect. Keep your day job!!!!

    • I don’t know Judy, for a 1kw specialty station, 5000 listeners is not bad at all…

      As for my intellect, if you don’t like my show or me, turn me off..It’s as simple as that…

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