To Judy, With Love…

It always amazes me when people post up on comments such as the following:

judy / January 21, 2013

5,000 listeners is a pitifully small number. I think you have much too large an ego and with too small an intellect. Keep your day job!!!!”

I have been doing a variation of The Howie Silbiger Show on Radio Shalom for over 13 years. My show has always placed as the number one show on the station. Concurrently, I worked for Standard Broadcasting, then Astral Media as a board op/replacement reporter on CJAD, a replacement DJ on Virigin Radio and on CHOM. I worked for The Suburban Newspaper, The Monitor, JMAG and Le Voix Sepharade. Over the years I’ve had opinion pieces published in The Jerusalem Report and The Jerusalem Post. I hosted radio shows on two Concordia University radio stations and wrote for both The Link and The Concordian.

 A fictional novel was written using one of my Suburban articles as a critical plot point and my research contributed to an award winning book on terrorism.

I co-created a Jewish organization, SAJE, who at its peak in 1994 had thousands of members. I created a website,,  which took on a terrorist affiliated “news” site, ultimately forcing them to shut down. I created, a website that currently enjoys over 10,000 pageviews a day.

While doing all that I’ve managed to earn two university degrees.

All that said, ego goes with the territory. I’m proud of my accomplishments, not ashamed to promote them and point out my qualifications and definitely very proud of the quality radio show I produce on Sunday nights. Radio has been and continues to be my life’s passion and no amount of terribly rude comments is going to change that.

What’s interesting is that people like Judy feel comfortable passing off personal insults anonymously on a website, but never would step forward and say I can do a better job.

Ok Judy, you think you’re smarter than me? More talented? I challenge you to come forward. I’ll let you host a half hour of my show on a Sunday night. Since this is the third time you’ve insulted me on this site, I demand that you put up or shut up.

Of course we all know Judy will never take me up on the offer, because cowards like her like to hurl venom anonymously, with seemingly no repercussions.

 I will repeat what I say all the time. I appreciate every person who takes the time out of their day to tune in and listen to the show. I have open lines, if you disagree with something I say, feel free to call in. If you really hate what I do, remember, nobody is forcing you to listen, one click of a button and I stop talking for good.

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