Blood Libels – Alive and Well

Blood libels, you’d think they would be a thing of the past. For centuries stories of Jews being responsible for the killing of Jesus, using Christian blood to make matzah and many more (there’s a century old book, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” commissioned by the Tsar of Russia that espouses even more hateful lies and scapegoats the Jews) have fueled rampant persecution and annihilation of Jewish populations.

In the 1930s, the Nazis sold the German people the notion that the Jews were responsible for the downfall of Germany after World War I and rode that notion into World War II and the Holocaust, the most horrifying event of the 20th Century.

The libels continued and Jews suffered and then, as if some kind of magical spell was cast on the world, blood libels against the Jews pretty much disappeared near the end of the 20th Century. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that suddenly the world started loving the Jews, because that would be a disingenuous and ridiculous thing to say. What I am arguing is that Jewish blood libels suddenly converted into Israel blood libels. So instead of targeting the Jews, which I guess would be a faux pas in today’s day and age, targeting Israel and spreading lies about Israel was an appropriate replacement, especially after Israel won, quickly and efficiently the Six Day War of 1967.

In 1964, licking their wounds after defeat in the 1956 war with Israel, the Arab countries formed an alliance. They called themselves The Arab League and it was decided that they would make all decision regarding how Arab countries handled the Israel problem. At their first summit meeting in Cairo, they decided to form an organization, The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) that would represent the “Palestinian” people, a nation that did not exist before the decision was made. The goal, quite simply was the elimination of The State of Israel and the “liberation of Palestine” through armed struggle.

The “Palestinian National Covenant” which was adopted later in the year put forth the claim that the Zionists had expelled the Palestinians from their land under the pretense that Jews had a historic and Jewish connection to the land. The PLO demanded that Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to the land stolen from them. Article 2 of the covenant stated that “Palestine” comprised of the borders of the British Mandate of Palestine and is an “indecisive territorial unit”. In other words, there is no room within that land for a Jewish State.

This past month, current PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas admitted during a speech that the Arabs that left their lands in 1948 did so under the orders of the Arab leadership who promised a quick destruction of the Jewish State and the Arab return to their land and the Jewish land after the Jews were destroyed. This of course never happened as the Arabs lost the war against Israel.

By making that admission, the PLO Chairman nullified one of the biggest blood libels against the Israeli State, that they are living on stolen land. The PLO has officially admitted that the Zionists did not steal Palestinian land and by admitting that, they have defacto admitted that all the Jews and others that have been massacred to “liberate” stolen land have actually been killed for other purposes.

So now that the cat is out of the bag, should we expect a change in the education and attitude of the “Palestinians”? Don’t hold your breath. Since the war between Israel and the Arabs is not a land war, a fact that has been proven over the years with numerous broken land-based treaties and the continued barrage of hundreds of thousands of missiles into Israel from an Israel-free Gaza, finding a path to peace is virtually impossible. Israel is not going to negate their religious connection to the land and the Muslim Arabs are not going to negate the Islamic obligation to liberate all holy Muslim lands that were at one time Caliphates from the infidels that currently occupy them.

The Palestinian Authority, both under Yassir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas have walked away from land-based agreements over the simple Israeli demand that they be recognized a Jewish State, perhaps an underhanded effort to torpedo “peace” talks by the Israelis, but also a clear indication that there can be no deal, ever, if Israel continues to insist on being recognized as a Jewish state.

Israel has no option but to unilaterally physically separate themselves from the Palestinian Authority and those under their rule and the Palestinian Authority has no choice but to continue to develop more elaborate blood libels to continue their mission, the only mission they were created for, the complete destruction of the State of Israel.

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