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Recently, Gillette, a razor company, released a video chastising men for “toxic masculinity”. The term “toxic masculinity” is an advent of the ‘always offended class’ and refers to the inherent natural inbred evil of men. This concept or perhaps more accurately, accusation, is one of the many tools a hypocritical “progressive” group in society uses to push their agenda.

The argument is simple, men, particularly white men, were born with “privilege” and use this privilege to advance in society to the detriment of all other non-white or non-male people (the modifier changes depending on context). As a subtext of this privilege, all men suffer from “toxic masculinity”, essentially, they were born with a pre-programmed or acquired (once again, the argument changes based on context) right that allows them to harass women, abuse each other and be general jerks in society. The fight against “toxic masculinity” is an effort to change men and remove this seemingly acquired trait and make men more palatable to a sensitive society.

Seems overly complicated and kind of ridiculous? Well it is. This kind of theory is devised from an ever-growing departments of ‘gender studies’ at universities who must produce a new outrage a week in order to ensure funding and the continuation of their departments. Unfortunately, young university students, the future community leaders of tomorrow, are being trained to believe these theories and the results of the teaching are quite apparent on university campuses today.

Gender studies and their ridiculous new societal rules wreak havoc in university classrooms with Professors walking on eggshells to avoid insulting students by using gender specific language or even direct contact with students, as one wary word may result in their termination from the University and in some countries, like Canada, prosecution resulting from recently passed draconian laws that make it illegal to ‘mis-gender’ someone.  Essentially, Canada has made it illegal for someone to be offended. Although there have been no prosecutions yet under the new law, it is only a matter of time before someone gets caught, purposely or accidently in this “progressive” trap.

Corporations, taking the cue from what they consider the next generation of consumers have started pandering to the ‘offended class’ and the results of these panderings have started to appear in videos such as the recent Gillette razor video.

Are men inherently evil? The answer is simply, no. Clearly it would be unfair to lump an entire gender and almost half of the world’s population into a single category. It is inherently wrong to assume that men are naturally evil and must be changed. Are there evil men? Yes, but there are also evil women, a group that has been woefully ignored for years. For every Ted Bundy there is a Carol M. Bundy. For every violent man, there is an equally violent woman. Men are victims of the same domestic and societal violence as women. Male privilege doesn’t exist, a dangerous neighborhood is dangerous for everyone.

Assuming that we accept the notion that men are born evil, how is the concept progressive? If one made the statement and created a video that said all people of color are evil because some of them commit crimes, or all Muslims are terrorists, or all women are evil because of the actions of one, two or a group, the same people who yell ‘toxic masculinity’ would be screaming racist and sexist.

The hypocrisy is astounding and invisible to the people practicing it. University departments pushing these philosophies are well funded and effective. Consider that the same people who yell about ‘toxic masculinity’ are also the same people who reject gender. One ideology counters the other, if men and women are interchangeable and gender doesn’t exist, how can men be inherently evil?

Pandering to the ‘offended class’ will backfire. Eventually, society will come to their senses and discard these ideas for the more practical acknowledgement of the scientific fact that biology is important, and men and women are biologically different in very significant ways. Each serves a different, but extremely important purpose in society, equitable, but not equal. Until that realization gets ‘woke’, we are unfortunately going to see a lot more of these crazy, dangerous and self-destructing ideologies being forwarded.

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