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I love politics, some would say I’m a political junkie. I’ve never, however, been overly interested In Canadian politics, because historically it’s been fairly bland. American politics was always the way to go for salacious scandals, intrigue and the occasional felony.

As bad as American politics gets, it always feels like the adversaries can get over their differences and go out to lunch together. A perfect example of this would be the current battle for the Republican nomination, where two of candidates fighting each other (fairly nastily) are actually friends, in fact one endorsed the other for a Presidential nomination just four years ago.

In Canada, a poorly chosen ad making fun of a physical disability of another candidate, sunk a Prime Minister (Canada’s first woman) and relegated her to being Ambassador to the City of Los Angeles.

Recently, however, Canadian politics have become toxic.

Stephen Harper is an excellent Prime Minister, currently leading a majority government, the Conservatives have managed to keep the country afloat despite most of the world falling into economic chaos. Canadians have been spared many of the financial hardships that befell our American neighbors and very few Canadian companies have been forced into bankruptcy. This is a testament to the stability of the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper.

Have they made mistakes, of course they have, no government is infallible. But to me, it seems like at least for now, Canadians are willing to forgive to maintain stability and good governance.

The left, however, have become a vicious, power hungry, hate spewing, venom filled machine, hell bent on not only removing the Conservatives from power, but destroying Stephen Harper as a person. The personal attacks on Harper are not only disrespectful to our sitting Prime Minister, but exceedingly, they are completely anti-Canadian.

Referring to our Prime Minister as “Stevie” or a “fraudster” or many of the other unflattering things the left has called our Prime Minister is revolting and has no place in Canadian society. If you want American style politics, move to the US.

Insulting, degrading, making false accusations against our Prime Minister is not going to get rid of him. If you really hate Harpers Government, thank heavens we live in a democracy, the next election get out and vote. If you fail to win your way in the elections, leave your sour grapes at home.

Criticism is the way of democracy, feel free to be a critic, but know there is a line where criticism turns ugly. Let’s not to cross the line.

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