Thank You Imposter, But Next Time Can You Get My Name Right?!

It always fascinates me when impersonators write diatribes that can’t possibly come from you and then send them out with your name attached to them.

A few months ago, CJAD’s Tommy Schnurmacher was a victim of such a hoax when a long well written article opposing circumcision was attributed to him and circulated through email and Facebook. When I asked Tommy about it, he of course confirmed that he didn’t write it.

I wasn’t so lucky. Apparently my imposter doesn’t think as highly of me as Tommy’s did. I’m a bit jelous to be honest.  Here’s what he (she?) wrote:

“Israel has a dismal record in  how it is treating its Arab subkects. These poor indigenous people have been robbed of their homes, possessions and even their lives. Its payback time.

Howie Silberger- True Talk Radio”

See? Two spelling mistakes and one in my name!

So here’s a couple of tips to confirm if I wrote something or didn’t: (Imposters –  take notes!)

1. I hardly make spelling errors. I proof read all my stuff before posting it. Mistakes do sometimes happen, but they are rare.

2. If it’s anti-Israel, chances are,  it’s not from me.

3.  If you are not sure if it’s from me, check (that’s where all my articles go) and if you are still not sure, check my facebook fan page The Howie Silbiger Show or my personal Facebook page. Send me a message or an email ( and I’ll confirm if I wrote it or not.

 Other than that, I’m honoured someone decided to fake being me (I’m not all that important).  I just wish they put more of an effort into it…

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