Time to Take a Stand on Child Molestation

David Goldberg hired me when nobody else would.

He was a good editor, gave me leeway to find my voice. He gave me a column when the reporting budget ran out and defended me when I took an extremely controversial stand, one that eventually led to him having to fire me, defending Dr. Laura’s right to say that she believed homosexuality was a biological error.

It came as an extreme shock to me a little over a year ago when I got a call from a colleague telling me that David was arrested for possession of child pornography.  In my mind, here was an upstanding man, a good guy, a volunteer for youth baseball, a community newspaper editor, a crime reporter, busted for one of the most heinous and deplorable crimes out there.

When the shock wore off, I started thinking about how well we really know our friends and neighbours. Here was a man I worked with for many years suddenly revealed as a pervert.

So time went on and a few months after David’s arrest, Bill Surkis, the former Executive Director of Bnai Brith Canada Eastern Region, a man I worked closely with when I chaired the weekly Israel Rally was busted, by a Bestbuy technician with loads of child porn on his computer.

A chill went through my body.  This man was a community leader. Before Bnai Brith he ran the Holocaust museum. How could this happen? 

What are the odds that in ones life, two people they worked with would be picked up for looking at or peddling kid smut? I’m fairly sure it’s astronomical.

The problem is, now David is trying to peddle a book about his child abusing ways. In a recent interview in the Gazette, he referred to his sexual interest in children as a sexual orientation and even named it, calling it Cross Generational Relationships. Creepy and sick.  His argument is that if you understood the mindset of a sexual predator, then perhaps you would accept that predator in society and provide them support, much in the way alcoholics and drug addicts have groups to help.

I say no.

We must draw a line somewhere and child abuse is where I draw my line.  For my entire adult life I have been a champion for our youth. I’ve incorporated high school students in my radio show, let them blog on Truetalkradio and have taken it one step farther this year by accepting a teaching position at a local Jewish high school, attempting to educate grade 11 (16-17 year olds) on the ‘how to’ of Israel advocacy.

I’ve lived through a society that took perfectly normal energetic kids, labelled them with Attention Deficit Disorder and drugged them to zombieland. I’ve lived through a society that threw out family values and accepted and glorified strange deviant behavior. This society made Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian stars for creating homemade porn. It allowed a president to declare that oral sex is not real sex, thus allowing young teens everywhere to practice “not real” sex. It allowed cretins like David Duke in the US Senate and justified the philosophy of hate and violence put forth by Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam.

After seeing some of what society has accepted already, I’ll be damned if I ever tolerate, accept, condone or otherwise allow anyone to accept child molesters (and yes, I consider people who look at child porn molesters, they encourage the further production of the smut which in turn hurts more children) in any society I live in.

David Goldberg got 90 days in jail served on the weekends and Bill Surkis got 45 days also served on weekends. Much too light sentences for men who contributed to the child porn industry.

I call upon everyone to stand up and call your Parliamentarians. It’s time to demand tougher sentences for child molesters.

Make a pledge to boycott any publisher that decides to print David Goldberg’s book on pedophilia.

I call upon everyone to protest loudly any store that allows a book launch or any hall that rents space to a child molester. We must stand tall and defend the safety of our children and all children everywhere.

David, as a former friend who is now repulsed by your existence, I ask you to please disappear into the shadows and never come out publicly again. Forget your book, forget your crusade,  just go away and leave us decent people alone.

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