Major Announcement Regarding The Howie Silbiger Show

Dear Fans, here cialis

I write this without consulting with my team or Radio Shalom, cure they are getting this information at the same time as you. I believe that being honest and straightforward is the only way to go, rx so I will hold nothing back.

I have been toying with the idea of ending The Howie Silbiger Show. We have been on the air, in one format or another, for just about 14 years, we have produced multiple thousands of shows, over 3500 and have accomplished amazing things with the limited resources we have been working with.

From taking on the Y for opening on Shabbos to being instrumental in stopping the mergers of Herzliah and Bialik High Schools and then the wholesale abandonment of Judaism at Bialik, we have never shied away from being thourough in our research, confrontational, controversial and entertaining. We have done this, for years, with no monetary compensation, no community financial support and very little praise or recognition.

That said, my current team are dedicated professionals giving of themselves daily to help produce a great radio program.

I am eternally grateful to professionals like:

Mark David, who, despite being the editor of a major technology magazine, gives of himself and my occasional ridicule to make the show great. He’s been on the show for a good part of a decade, never complaining, never demanding, just funny, fun and unpredictable week after week.

My unbelievable producer Sheldon Fried. After a quarter of a century working as a technical producer for commercial radio, Sheldon joined me as my right hand man this year. It has been incredible working with such a dedicated professional, a sweet man and a fine human being. I am honoured that Sheldon is on my team, I am humbled in his presence.

Itai Azerrad joined the show when he was 14. Through the years he has blossomed into an amazing radio personality.

Working with these people has continuously inspired me to up my game, to put out and give the best that I can give every week on the air. I truly love the show.

But, the show can’t go on, at least not in the format, timeslot and reach it is currently in. Changes have to be made for the show to remain the best Jewish talk show in the country.

This of course leads me to my announcement.

In order for us to continue producing The Howie Silbiger Show, we need money. We have taken the show to the limit of what we can do on no budget and in order to bring it to the next level, meaning taking the show back to a daily format that can potentially be syndicated and put on Satellite Radio, we need paid staff. We need to pay Sheldon for his hard work, we need to pay a researcher/producer and of course I need to be paid too.

Now I am not much into begging for money, I believe our product speaks for itself and I know that there are fans of the show who can sponsor, advertise and help bring the show to the next level.

In the next few weeks we will be launching a kickstarter campaign. Our goal is simple, we need to raise $50,000 to cover part-time salaries and to negotiate a deal with Radio Shalom and perhaps other radio stations in other cities to air the show daily.

We are also working on starting a speaker’s bureau which will feature some interesting speakers that will speak at your events for a small fee.

We are also going to launch a major sponsorship campaign trying to attract sponsors to the show.

We will be restructuring the show to make it more informative, more local and more fun.

We, however need your support. We are willing to put the work in to make this all happen, without money it can’t.

If we fail to raise the money, then unfortunately, I will have no choice but to end The Howie Silbiger Show by the end of the summer.

So I ask you to stay tuned, we will be announcing everything as we are ready to launch each aspect of this project. I ask that you open your pockets, help out and keep us going.

If you are interested in sponsoring, advertising or helping out, please contact me directly at

Thank you for listening

Howie Silbiger

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