Mosque Attack is Our Fault

A mosque was shot up in Quebec city and multiple people were killed and injured. The attack happened the same weekend that the American President imposed a temporary hold on people travelling to the States from five terror supporting (and US hating) countries.

Is there a correlation? Can it be that suddenly homegrown haters are taking their cues from the liberal induced hysteria of the South?

While liberal Jews are falling over each other on who is going to condemn this attack first and a preliminary report by both La Journal de Quebec and TVA (Quebec’s largest TV news network) indicates that the perpetrators may be a Muslim from Morocco and a French Canadian, I sit and wonder why anyone is surprised by this.

Quebec has a history of mistreating its minorities. Whether it be restricting the use of a language, or creating a Charter of Values that discriminates against one group, Quebec has done it all.

Assuming this attack wasn’t a settling of scores within a community and was a hate crime, an attack because it was a mosque, who is to blame? Simply, we all are.

For years, we as a society, allowed our politicians to vilify burqua and Niquab wearing Muslims. We allowed our government to have commissions on reasonable accommodation, therefore creating a second class citizenship of a minority group. We allowed our government to convince us that all Muslims want to bring Sharia law to Quebec and that we are all in danger. We remained quiet while one minority group suffered discrimination. We should be ashamed.

So, after years of vilification and soft attacks from our government, why is anyone shocked that a Mosque was attacked? Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

It’s up to us to change the atmosphere in Quebec and embrace the  Muslim community. They are  the fastest growing community in the province. We have to accept our differences and teach our children to be understanding of different cultures.

While it’s true that we must always be vigilant, the Jewish community has been attacked numerous times, we can’t live in fear of ‘The Others’. Doing so breeds the atmosphere that allowed for this week’s attack and that is unacceptable.

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