Weak Jews Condemn Strong Jews

Although I had nothing to do with the protest at Concordia and was merely there to cover it for Montreal Jewish News, I am horrified by how many Jews and Jewish organizations have condemned the protestors.

The event was a speech by three academics who were explaining how Israel is committing ethnic cleansing on the Palestinian population. The end goal was to promote the theory that Israel is a murderous Nazi regime and the Palestinians are the new Jews.

The analogy is laughable and only 20 or so people were there, but the fact that strong Jews stood up and defended Israel should be applauded, not condemned.

As the Arabs have proven, over and over again, activism isn’t polite and is definately nit considerate of the feelings of the side being protested.

It is not that long ago that an Arab riot stopped Bibi Netanyahu from speaking on campus. Have things changed? No.

Jewish students still mostly don’t wear kippas in public at Concordia due to fear of anti Jewish attack. Earlier this year I was told to take my kippa off by a Muslim at Concordia because Concordia is a “Muslim” university.

Jews have to stop cowering and start being strong. Instead of being horrified that a hate fest was disturbed and some Israel haters were a bit inconvenienced. Instead of bending over backwards condemning and distancing themselves from these strong Jews, perhaps activism should be embraced and Jews who stand up should be praised.

I often wondered why more Jews don’t stand up for Judaism and for Israel, now I understand. Fear of public shaming from our own community.

There was no outrage about the content of the hate conference. No questioning or complaining that people were gathering at a university to condemn Israel as genocidal maniacs…Just outrage at a couple of Jews who decided to do something about it.

To me, that’s shameful.

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