How The Left forced me to Support Trump

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Evan Vucci/AP/REX/Shutterstock (10155748e) President Donald Trump listens to a question during a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in the Oval Office of the White House, in Washington Trump, Washington, USA - 14 Mar 2019

Let me be honest, I never liked Donald Trump. Over the years, I’ve watched him navigate the media and play his little control games. He made me sick. I thought he was a pig, a liar and most of all the type of guy who would say or do anything to get attention. I never watched The Apprentice and on my numerous visits to New York City, always avoided his gaudy monstrosity on 5th Avenue.

When Trump announced his candidacy for President, I sighed and thought it was a publicity stunt, which in all honesty it probably was. Then something happened that changed my view of Trump, the media and radical lefties attacked.

After the first batch of media attacks, led by the rabid CNN, I realized that the game had changed. Sure, the media had exposed other Presidential candidates over the years as pigs, cheaters and liars. It’s true that the media held off doing that to Barack Obama, hiding a lot of his flaws and essentially crowning him President four years before he ran. If you want to see proof of that, look up the NBC commentary immediately after Obama’s speech during the 2004 Democratic Convention, then watch CNN’s coverage. It was clear, they wanted Obama to be President and threw Hillary Clinton under the bus to achieve the goal.

The thing that turned me towards supporting and ultimately defending President Trump, however, was the release of a 25 year old Access Hollywood tape by the Washington Post where then businessman Donald Trump boasts to then host Billy Bush that he’s so rich, he could ‘grab a woman by the p***” and get away with it.

This was the type of disgusting talk that I expected from Donald Trump, a man who once said that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he’d date her, a man that made all sorts of disgusting boasts on The Howard Stern Show, a man who had been a rich, spoiled, bratty pig his whole life.

But then the media ran with it, playing the video over and over again. Never asking the question of where the video came from. Who yanked an outtake, a private conversation in a bus, from the archives of Access Hollywood? How did it get from NBC in New York to The Washington Post? Why would The Washington Post publish a 25-year-old private conversation?

Trump dismissed the tape as ‘locker room talk’ which it probably was and moved on to win The Presidency.

But the media lies didn’t stop there. The more popular Trump got, the more outrageous the lies, all believed and repeated by the meme generation; Trump was a Russian spy, Trump slept with a porn star and paid her off for silence, Trump cages babies at the border, Trump obstructed justice, Trump is a rapist, Trump hates Muslims, Trump hates Puerto Ricans, Trump is a dictator and so many more. All false, all easily debunkable, all played for political points by the Democratic elites and their PR firms in left leaning media that shaped a portion of America’s negative view on The President.

I then found myself looking up source material for the different allegations. Did he really say that? Is it in context, what was he really talking about? The more I went back and found the clips, comparing them to the media’s depiction of what he said, the more I found that creative editing, out of context cutting and just plain lying created a narrative that didn’t exist.

Trump wasn’t a Russian spy, he was just a spoiled rich bratty pig who at the end of the day was playing the media, even after they were on the attack. It was slight of hand, he was diverting attention away from the work he was doing by playing these scandals, having the media focus on idiotic stuff, while he rebuilt America unopposed. It was a brilliant strategy and I was impressed.

When I started looking past the bluster of the media, I started seeing the truth of the Trump Presidency, things CNN won’t report. The return of millions of jobs that Obama said were gone forever, the reopening of steel factories, the reopening of coal mines, the reopening of car manufacturing in Detroit. People, especially the working class going back to work, the middle class being rebuilt, the economy booming. All the things that have proven Trump to be a good President, but none of the things that will show up on a meme on Instagram or Facebook.

I’ve spent a good part of two years debunking and putting into context things the media claim Trump said, all the time claiming I was a supporter of democracy, which I am, and denying my support of Trump as President.

My defense of democracy has forced me to become a defender of Trump. Attacks on the Office of the President are attacks on American democracy itself. Context is everything, nuance and innuendos mean nothing.

So, now I support Trump. Not because I like Trump, but because the Left has forced me to support The President. The left has forced me to research the good and the bad, to actually understand what The President is doing. Hate him all you like, and there are good reasons to criticize him, just do it accurately and in context, don’t support the lies and propaganda.

I may not like Trump as a person, but he has been a good President and I will continue to fight for accuracy in the media and criticism, not for Trump’s sake, but for America’s.

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