It Started With a Lie, Continues With Death and Destruction

A supporter reacts by showing a t-shirt as U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S., August 1, 2019. REUTERS/Leah Millis - RC1D2F533A00

In 2017, at the infancy of his Presidency, Donald Trump faced the first real onslaught of the lefty/media propaganda machine. A Nazi group organized a rally in Charlottesville Virginia.

Everyone in the world heard about the Nazi march ion Charlottesville, the tiki torches, the chant that “The Jews will never replace us” and the horrific vehicle homicide. Everyone in the world heard about Newly elected President Donald Trump declaring at a press conference that there were “good people on both sides”. Everyone in the world got the narrative from CNN. Everybody in the world got it wrong.

You see, context is everything. CNN, in a continuous effort to smear President Trump, which continues until today, changed the context of President Trumps remarks and framed them as if he was saying there were good Nazis and good people opposing the Nazis.

It would be ludicrous to believe that a World Leader would go so far as to praise Nazis, therefore he must be removed from office. This led into the whole debate about removing Trump as President for his mental capacity.

The truth is (the raw footage of the press conference is readily available on YouTube), that Trump was referring to a much smaller demonstration (in response to a dishonest reporter’s question). People were protesting the removal of a Confederate Statue and other people were protesting to remove the statue. It was these people that Trump was referring to, none of them were Nazis.  The Nazis piggybacked on the parade and organized their rally at the same time.

CNN ran the out of context clip framed around the Nazi story for a week. Panel after panel called Trump a Nazi and a Nazi supporter. The rhetoric got so over the top that Tucker Carlson on Fox News halted his show midway to deliver a plea to other media to tone it down.  He explained that he was monitoring other networks while hosting his show (most of these “live” shows have mostly pre-recorded segments) and the rhetoric was dangerous.

Carlson warned that if network television did not start taking their words seriously, someone may die. He argued that by framing The President as a Nazi, the mainstream media has put good and moral Americans into a bind. Surely, knowing what the Nazis did, the atrocities they committed, one would be morally obligated to kill that leader. Carlson accused the mainstream media of creating a mob-like atmosphere that will eventually lead to an assassination of someone in the Trump Administration.

How did the left and the mainstream media react? They labelled Tucker Carlson a White Supremacist.

The constant 24 hour, 7 day a week Trump bashing on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS with reinforcement from various newspapers (can’t forget the old people), websites and college professors, the public perception of The President slowly turned towards, if he was not a White Supremacist, then he harbored their sentiments, even though his daughter, son in law, grandkids and a daughter in law are all Jewish.

The notion was ridiculous, but in politics all evil is good, and the goal is to beat your opponent. The problem was that it wasn’t only The President that was labelled a Nazi, all his supporters were too. The Red MAGA cap (MAGA has been a Republican slogan since Eisenhower) became a symbol of evil, so much so that the mainstream media, unrelentless in destroying Trump at any cost and uncaring on who they hurt in the process, smeared and destroyed the reputation of 16 year old red MAGA cap wearing Kentucky high school student Nicholas Sandman, whose interaction with an Indian activist at a demonstration in Washington led the news cycle for a full weekend. Panelists threw venom at the young man, celebrities threatened to physically harm him. After the incident the high school had to suspend operations for nearly a week for ‘safety concerns’, they had received death threats against their students.

It took a few days and video emerged that showed that the media’s original depiction of the events that weekend were wrong. The media started backpedaling, but it was too late, the damage was already done.

In a rare sober and honest post-mortem after the event on ABC’s The View, host Whoopi Goldberg asks the question, “Isn’t that we just instantly say, that’s what is, based on what we see in that moment. And then have to walk stuff back when it turns out we’re wrong. Why is that, why is do we keep making the same mistake?” Co-host Joy Behar’s response, “Because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office. I think that’s the reason. I think the press jumps the gun a lot because we have so much circumstantial evidence against this guy that we are all hoping that Cohen’s got the goods and what have you, so it’s wishful thinking.”

In other words, it’s ok to destroy anyone if it gets you closer to removing a politician you don’t like, even an innocent 16-year-old schoolboy and his classmates.  Justice in this case is being served, Sandman has sued various media outlets, hosts, celebrities and others who maligned him for hundreds of millions of dollars. He recently settled his lawsuit with CNN. His other suits are still pending.

With all the bad coverage of Trump, Americans are left to wonder, has he done anything good during his Presidency? If you watched CNN, Trump has been the worst President in the history of America, but with a booming economy, the lowest unemployment ever and industries who have long abandoned America coming back to the heartland, it’s hard to believe CNN.

No news network has covered any of Trump’s triumphs. No news panel on mainstream media has praised Trump for a policy move, even if it aligned with their political leanings.

Then, something horrific happened.

In 2017, a hurricane hit Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a proxy American state, not officially added to the united list, Puerto Rico acts as a colony of the United States. The little island was devastated. Trump’s Administration was criticized for two weeks that they did not adequately respond to the crisis, particularly in the outlying areas and people were suffering.

Two weeks into the ordeal, President Trump visited the island and dropped into a distribution center in San Juan. He was greeted with cheers and raised cell phones recording the event. Trump waved at the people who enthusiastically waved back. He then walked up to the paper towel section, picked up a few rolls and threw them into the crowd.

The media went nuts. How can Trump disrespect people so much that he’s throwing relief at them they seethed. Does he believe he’s a king? They demanded his impeachment.

Then something weird happened. The media started reporting that The Trump Administration sent very little aid to Puerto Rico and the island was suffering. Recovery was slow because The Trump Administration is not supplying crucial life saving supplies like clean water.

Puerto Rico is not a big island and not vastly populated, but people started dying.

Congresspeople, Senators, everyone was up in arms about the lack of help going to Puerto Rico. The President was accused of “hating brown people” and his administration was accused of neglecting defacto Americans.

President Trump, on the other hand, insisted that he sent as much aid as what was needed for the situation. The media called him a liar.

For two years, President Trump faced the criticism that he did not supply aid to Puerto Rico straight on. In his tweets he insulted the Puerto Rican government and accused them of holding back the rations. The left and the mainstream media just ridiculed him.


On January 19, 2020, Puerto Rican citizens discovered a warehouse approximately the size of a large Costco. When they pried the doors open, they found the warehouse packed solid from floor to ceiling with supplies that were sent as hurricane relief. The date stamp? One day after the hurricane.

People suffered, some died, for nearly three years when supplies and aid sent immediately after the hurricane were gathering dust in a government warehouse in southern Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican authorities have started distributing the supplies, they will help with the relief from the earthquake this week. They have also fired some of the people responsible.

The first person fired was the Director of Emergency Management who hinted that the relief was not distributed because it would make President Trump look good.

Tucker Carlson was right.

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