The Howie Silbiger Show is a live three-hour weekly talk show that airs LIVE Sundays from 6-9pm and repeats at 6am, 6pm and midnight every weekday. The show deals with moral and religious topics. Occasionally it jumps into politics.

Our current staff: Howie Silbiger (Host), Mark David (Intrepid Reporter from Toronto), Sheldon Erick Fried (Long Suffering Producer)

Past staff: Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz, Rabbi Shlomo Mahn, Erick Stacklebeck, Adina Freedman, Aaron Orszak, Adam Luxenberg, Chuck, Chris Collins, Gal Feldman, Jeanne Hodgeson, Tyson Hodgeson, Reuven Tanny, Nofar Kimchi, Itai Azerrad, Avi Tanny, Jordan Ohana, Emil Levkovsky, Emmanuel Spatz, Jonathan Boretsky, Daniel Enayatzadeh, Ernest Herz, David Herz, Avi Kimchi

Some of the guests we’ve welcomed into the Howie Silbiger Show studios:

Canadian Politicians

  • The Right and Honourable Stephen Harper (as an MP)
  • The Right and Honourable Paul Martin
  • The Honourable Irwin Kotler, MP
  • The Honourable Jason Kenny, MP
  • The Honourable Stockwell Day, MP
  • The Honourable Preston Manning, MP
  • The Honourable Anthony Housefather, MP
  • Cote St Luc City Councillor Dida Berku
  • Former Cote St Luc City Councillor Glenn J. Nashen
  • Cote St Luc City Councillor Mike Cohen
  • Hampstead Mayor Bill Steinberg



  • ISIS expert Erick Stakelbeck
  • Terrorism expert Steven Emmerson
  • National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project Ryan Mauro
  • Former CIA Operative John Loftus
  • Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Director of the Center for the Study of Middle East and Islam at Bar Ilan University



  • Comedian Bobby Slayton
  • Comedian Kenny Hotz
  • Comedian Jeremy Hotz
  • Comedian Moti
  • Comedian Ilan Gold
  • Comedian/Actor Amy Shumer
  • Comedian Robert Cait
  • Comedian Michael Lifshitz
  • Comedian Jessica Kirsten
  • Singer Lenny Solomon (Shlock Rock)
  • Singer Gershon Veroba
  • Singer Kathleen Reiter (Winner of The Voice Israel)
  • Opera Singer/Chef Davide Bezzali


Media personalities

  • David Pakman – Host, The David Pakman Show
  • Frank Kermit – Relationship Coach
  • Steve Kowch – Radio Coach
  • Gigi Cohen – Health Food Expert
  • Ronit Ferdman Cantor – Nutritionist
  • Yaacov Whitman – From China
  • Israel Moskovitz – Director of the film Narrow Bridge
  • Stephen Sonnenberg – Film Director
  • Tim Parent – Producer Global Television
  • Joel Goldenberg – Reporter The Suburban Newspaper Montreal
  • Dina Kutner – Canadian Director ELAL Airlines
  • Jason Lipstein – Musician
  • Michael Rien – Musician
  • Dan Hartal – Shmelvis
  • Isaac Sachs – Author


  • Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz – Senior Rabbi, Kehilath Jeshurun, Manhattan New York
  • Rabbi Reuven Poupko – Senior Rabbi, Beth Israel Beth Aaron, Montreal, Quebec
  • Rabbi Michael Whitman – Senior Rabbi, The Adath, Hampstead, Quebec
  • Rabbi Benny Herzkovitch, Rabbi, Cabo Mexico
  • Rabbi Zvi Herzkovitch, Marketing Director, Chabad Lifeline
  • Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, Rabbi, Chabad, NDG, Quebec
  • Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp, SOS Israel
  • Rabbi Sharon Shalom, First Ethiopian pulpit Rabbi in the US
  • Rabbi Menachem White – Senior Rabbi, Chevra Shas, Montreal, Quebec
  • Rabbi Binyamin Pinkus – Former Director of NCSY, Montreal, Quebec
  • Rabbi David Kadosh
  • Rabbi David Sabbah, Chief Rabbi of Quebec
  • Rabbi Saul Emanuel, Executive Director of the Vaad Haair, Montreal, Quebec
  • Rabbi Eliyahu Blum, Rosh Yeshiva of the Hesder Yeshiva Nehariyah
  • Rabbi Seth Mandell, Director, The Koby Mandell Foundation


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