Drugs, Schools and Parents

It seems like a non-statement, kids will experiment with drugs, some will get hooked, while others will keep their wits about them and walk away. Which does what depends on a lot of factors, including the moral values of their parents and the values followed at home.
Last night, on my radio show, I revealed the results of an informal survey I conducted amongst 18 children who go to Montreal Jewish schools. The results were less than promising. 
All the children surveyed said that pot use was common amongst their schoolmates. All the students from one school (interviewed on separate occasions) confirmed that in their school, in grade 10, there is a traditional drug tasting party held off campus, complete with the local drug dealer taking notes on preferences. 
Other schools had kids crossing the street and smoking pot in a local park, or using the parking lot of a local mall as the smoking destination. 
While it is expected that teenagers will experiment with a variety of different things throughout high school, the lack of anti-drug programs in Jewish high schools and the general community denial that a problem exists is troubling.
Just ask any staff member of Chabad Lifeline or a volunteer with JACS when the addicts who come for help first started using their addictive substance, the majority of the time, it’s high school.
There is no doubt that for a high school student the pressure is insurmountable. Add on government exams, extra curricular activities and the hormonal effects of puberty, it’s a wonder more kids aren’t high all the time.
So he do we curb the tide. Well the principal of the school with the drug party was tipped off that the party was supposed to take place within the next few weeks. He sent out a warning letter to parents that there will be serious consequences at school if the party takes place and drug and alcohol is served. He reminded parents that not only is that type of party against school rules, it’s also illegal. He basically said, if he hears alcohol and drugs were being used at the party, the police will get involved.
The sad part of this whole story is that the party is planned and hosted by a student, meaning that the adult parent is tactically supporting the events of this party.
It is time for parents to stop trying to be friends and cool with their kids and start being parents, and that means sometimes saying no. Once parents start parenting, a lot of these problems will disappear.

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