With All Due Respect, I’ll Sit Out Christmas…

I’m Jewish. I’m proud to be Jewish, I can’t imagine being anything but Jewish. I don’t feel a need to apologize for being a Jew nor explain my Jewishness to anyone. I relish in the fact that I’m different, that I’m part of something special and that I am honouring the traditions of my ancestors who fought and died so today I could write, I’m Jewish.

It has become a growing trend on Christmas Eve for Jewish Rabbis to somehow justify the fact that they are Jewish or to make inane comments like “Weird night for Jews” or “What are you doing tonight?”, some Jews have even organized “Matzo Ball parties” so they do not feel left out when the Christian world is partying. The truth is, this night, for Jews, is not any different from any other non-Jewish holiday night.

I take exception to the Jews who try to make others feel like they are missing out on something. I take exception to the Jews who create parties and go to Christmas plays and take part in the festivities of a holiday that celebrates the destruction of Judaism, I take great exception.

Now before you go off calling me racist, let me explain. The very existence of Christianity is to replace Jews as G-d’s chosen people. As much as we like to host inter-faith dialogs and pretend that the end game of Christianity is not that all Jews get “saved” by accepting Jesus as the Lord and Savior, the truth is, that’s the game. The Catholic bible is called the “New” Testament, it is there to replace the Jewish bible which is called the “Old” Testament, New replaces old, according the Catholics, Christianity is Judaism 2.0.  But it isn’t fair to say that, not overly politically correct you will complain. But after centuries of crusades, inquisitions and Holocausts all perpetrated by Catholics, I think we could forego the overt politeness of political correctness.

Today, there are millions of dollars spent on trying to convert Jews to Christianity, so that they could be “saved” by accepting Jesus and thus guaranteeing them a place in heaven.

Even the current Roman Catholic Pope, who himself spent time as a Nazi youth (It was mandatory in 1941 Germany), said in his book,  ‘Many Religions, One Covenant’:

“In this Torah, which is Jesus himself, the abiding essence of what was inscribed on the stone tablets at Sinai is now written in living flesh, namely, the twofold commandment of love. . . . To imitate him, to follow him in discipleship, is therefore to keep Torah, which has been fulfilled in him once and for all. Thus the Sinai covenant is indeed superseded. But once what was provisional in it has been swept away, we see what is truly definitive in it.”

 So what would I be celebrating?  Why would this night be a “weird night” for me as a Jew? I’m confused.

I know many reading this will think that I have ill will against Christians and perhaps hate them. In fact, I am the opposite, I love my Christian neighbors. My Torah teaches me to love my neighbor and I do. I love the fact that you are different than I and I am fascinated by your traditions. I am not, however, going to jump in and partake, I am not going to assimilate into your culture and I am not going to celebrate your holidays. I am different, I have enough of my own religions holidays that keep me extremely satisfied.

So in the spirit of your holiday season, I wish you a very happy one and hope that it is filled with cheer and joy. I hope your wishes all come true (unless they involve the disappearance of the Jewish people) and I remind you, if you are partying, please don’t drink and drive.

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  1. Tonight, I celebrate the profit x-mas brings in every year. Traditionally, it was a time when christians had an excuse to rob, rape and slaughter us. At some point, that’s switched to them buying merchandise from us to make their kids happy. Definitely a good reason to celebrate 😉

  2. You have a choice- celebrate xmas or don’t. That is purely your business, but please don’t tell me what I should do.

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