White Supremacy, Trump and the Lies

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Evan Vucci/AP/REX/Shutterstock (10155748e) President Donald Trump listens to a question during a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in the Oval Office of the White House, in Washington Trump, Washington, USA - 14 Mar 2019

The defunding of intelligence organization and the rerouting of all of their resources towards the “Muslim Threat” right after 9/11 is the biggest factor in the rise of White Power groups in the US.

In 1992, after the raid on Ruby Ridge and the killing of White Supremacist Randy Weaver’s family, the FBI, embarrassed by the debacle, dismantled their task force looking into the White Supremacy movement. The task force, who at the time were watching a cult in Waco Texas, led by David Koresh and were also watching rising WP leader Richard Spencer and others (who were featured prominently in the late 80s and early 90s on television talk shows such as Geraldo, Morton Downey Jr., etc.). At the time, the President, George H.W. Bush played down the threat of White Power in America, referring to them as fringe and “destroyed”.

In 1993, The Branch Davidian Cult got a new leader, David Koresh. Koresh had been on the FBI radar for some time, but since the taskforce had been reassigned in ’92, the FBI lost track of him and his group. They popped up again in 1993, when a 51-day standoff and a hostage negotiation headed by the FBI failed and the ATF moved in. Koresh started a fire and then either got killed by a gunshot or killed himself and leaderless, his followers stayed in the compound and died. Authorities later found that most of the children in the compound were shot in the chest or stabbed.

In 1995, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols used the Waco siege as motivation for the Oklahoma City bombing, which was timed to coincide with the second anniversary of the Waco disaster.

So White Power were fairly powerful in the early to mid 90s.

Also in the 1990s, radical Muslims, led by blind Shiek Omar Abdel Rahman started to rise. In 1990, the first US Al Qaeda terror attack, the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York City. In 1993, the Al Qaeda bombing of the World Trade Center and then a massive plot to bomb multiple city landmarks. They were thwarted by an undercover FBI informant, Emad Salem, who embedded himself into the group allowing the FBI to capture them.

Then, there was the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center that changed everything and gave the White Power groups nearly 20 years to rebuild, rebrand and recruit. After the second attack on the World Trade Center, which destroyed the buildings and killed over 3000 people, the US, in an effort to quell the fears of the population, passed The Patriot Act.

Along with removing individual rights for many US citizens and allowing the US Government to spy on its citizens, The Patriot Act redirected ALL intelligence funds and resources to fighting the external Muslim threat. All FBI taskforces were directed to ‘monitor’ other groups, but focus the majority of their attention on mosques and other Muslim institutions, which they did, with force.

In 1992, William Pierce, the father of modern-day White Supremacy died. With his death came chaos in the movement and the decline in membership. White Power movements hadn’t seen a decrease in the number of members since their inception as the Ku Klux Klan, a branch of the Democratic Party in 1888.

As intelligence and counter-intelligence focused more on the Muslim threat, the White Power groups, now led by a rag-tag of leadership across the country sprung into action. They recruited, they infiltrated police departments, the army and both major political parties. They became radio and television talk show hosts and most of all, they started slowly rebuilding their violent attacks on civilians.

By 2017, the FBI reported that White Supremacists posed a “persistent threat of lethal violence” that had produced more fatalities than any other category of domestic terrorists since 2000.  The FBI was also worried, according to leaked internal documents, that the White Supremacists and anti-government milita groups they investigate, often had “active links” to law enforcement officials.

These links and infiltrations did not happen during the Trump Presidency, but were slow and methodical happening throughout the Bush II and Obama years.

Now, 18 years after 9/11, the White Power groups, a lot more sophisticated than ever before, have decided to play both sides of the fence. Emboldened by the leftist concept of identity politics, which is essentially the White Power philosophy applied to non-White people, people born a certain color have more value in society than people born another color, have embraced and recruited angry young Millennials from the left.

Eli Mosly, who recently took leadership of the White Nationalist group Identity Evropa called for his supporters to be “explicitly anti-capitalist”. White Power blogger Mike Enoch calld for a “right-wing worker’s movement” while Richard Spencer said “We need to be willing to take care of people..”.

The White power appropriation of the language of the far left is not accidental, the two ideologies, seemingly on the opposing ends of the political spectrum have the same goal, “peaceful ethnic cleansing”. As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Mosly, talking to a group of supporters admitted, “We’ve almost literally drained the market of libertarians.”

Alexander Reid Ross, a lecturer at Portland State University and author of ‘Against the Fascist Creep” argues that the shift in language is not a recruitment tactic, but a tactile way to rebrand. He argues that White Power groups are taking a page from European White Power groups who adopted leftist language in the 1960s, “they would say, we believe in black power and brown power as long as you agree with white power”.

This brings us to the 2016 Trump/Clinton election.

Donald Trump was once a darling of the left, a big-time contributor to the Democratic Party and one of its most prominent members. He even quipped once that if he was going to run for President, he would do so as a Republican because he felt that Democrats were too smart to elect him. He was also a media darling, they loved him and featured him often, including in commercials and Saturday Night Live skits.

Trump, an opportunist, saw a hole in the Obama narrative. The media gave Obama a free pass. They were happy to have a Black Presidential candidate and the normal vetting process that the media conducts on a candidate for President was suspended. Obama was held to no standard during his 2008 election campaigns and his scandals as President were swept under the rug.

Trump decided to jump on the opportunity and used Twitter as a weapon. Obama had broken from traditional US Presidential tradition of providing a birth certificate to prove eligibility for the role. Since he was a populist candidate, Congress and Senate gave him a pass on demanding it. But not Trump. He demanded it, over and over and over again for years. Obama resisted, Trump kept asking.

The media, who loved Obama, started implying that Donald Trump was a “racist for asking the first Black President for his birth certificate”. At the time, Trump responded that it was ironic that the media would be depicting him as a racist when they clearly pointed to Obama’s skin color as his qualification for President.

The fight continued for years, each side ratcheting up the rhetoric.

When Trump announced his candidacy for President, the media had already made up their mind that he was a racist and that out of some kind of loyalty to Obama, they had to destroy the candidate and the man.

So the media started playing up racists who support Trump. They announced breathlessly that David Duke, a former KKK Grand Wizard threw his support behind Trump. Later in the campaign, playing both sides, Duke changed his support to Clinton, that went unreported. They then parsed every syllable Trump said, edited his words to make him sound racist.

The prime example, among many, is the 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally, where Antifa thugs clashed with White Power Thugs and where peaceful supporters of a Robert E. Lee statue faced off with peaceful opposers of a Robert E. Lee statue.

Although The President was clear in his condemnation of the White Power group and of the Antifa group and of all the violence that emanated at the protests. Although he reiterated that there is no place for violence in political talk, although he repeated his condemnation for White Supremacy multiple times in the Press Conference, the media, led by CNN, picked a 12 second clip of Trump saying there were “fine people on both sides” to highlight. CNN spent days parsing the words, fixating in the minds of the American people that their new leader was a supporter of White Supremacy. It was all a lie.

CNN intentionally clipped the soundbite just before The President clarified that when he said ‘fine people on both sides” he “wasn’t referring to the White Supremacists or the Antifa Thugs” he was referring  to the peaceful protestors who were there to defend or condemn the statue. The full press conference is available on Youtube. The tape doesn’t lie.

CNN never corrected themselves or apologized for the biggest lie and Trump haters, including current Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, continue to repeat it, knowing full well that it is untrue.

So to conclude, the rise of the White Power movements today, including Antifa and BLM, are a result of the FBI being repurposed to chase Muslims, the intelligence community ignoring the internal White Power threat since the Bush II years and the active and persistent recruitment of new members to White Power groups from both the libertarians and the left.

The illusion that Trump somehow supports these movements is a false narrative built for years by the media as a retaliatory weapon for Trump’s desertion of the Democratic Party and him ultimately defeating them in 2016.

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