Kyle Rittenhouse and Race Wars

Turner Diaries are Being Played out in Today's America

Years ago, I read “The Turner Diaries” by William Pierce, a piece of racist drivel that has been the center and driving force of White Supremacy in the United States. In the book, Pierce calls for a race war which will pit minorities against each other, forcing them to riot and battle each other on the street. The idea was that if the minorities fight and kill each other, the only people left in the US would be White people, who would then go and kill whatever minorities are left.

America is playing out the Turner Diaries and the late William Pierce must be proud.

Last week Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges against him by a jury of his peers. It was not a surprising verdict, the video evidence, the testimony of both the prosecution and defence witnesses and the facts led to the only justifiable and correct verdict.

The American left, however, have lost their collective minds over the Rittenhouse verdict. Much like the Justice Kavanaugh trial and the Covington High School debacle, the leftist mass media expressed opinions which not only lynched the 17-year-old before trial but ensured that his life would be a living hell after his acquittal. Rittenhouse’s life will never go back to what it was, he will always, in some minds, be a murdering White supremacist (as the President of the United States said) hell bent on causing destruction and killing people at random during a mostly “peaceful” protest against police brutality.

What is even more amazing and quite despicable is that the left and their extremely loud propaganda machines, including The Washington Post, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN, realizing that the shooting was justifiable, and the verdict was going to be an acquittal, started trotting out talking heads and editorials questioning the “morality” of Rittenhouse’s actions and some have even tried to stoke a race war by trying to racialize the trial.

Let’s be clear, there was no race aspect to the trial. Rittenhouse was in Kenosha to defend his family business, protect his family and offer first aid to those who needed it, during a violent riot that was destroying the town. He was not a vigilante, he was not a White Supremist, he didn’t even have a hero complex, he was a young boy who wanted to protect his family and their interests.

Morally and legally, when you are attacked and your life is in danger, you have the right to defend yourself. Although the bible instructs that all life is holy and nobody should take the life of anyone else, there are a couple of exceptions. One of the major ones is that you can kill your attacker before your attacker kills you. It’s actually common sense, if someone is coming at you with the intention to murder you, you have the right to not only defend yourself, but neutralize the threat.

One of the men Rittenhouse shot declared loudly while using racist epithets, that didn’t make much sense since everyone involved was White, that he was going to murder Rittenhouse. He was shot while trying to wrestle the gun out of Rittenhouse’s hands. Another man was shot while trying to bash in Rittenhouse’s head with a skateboard, another one shot while he pointed a loaded weapon in Rittenhouse’s face. There is no moral question, Rittenhouse was justifiable in shooting each and every person he shot that night, it preserved his life and was self defence.

Should Kyle Rittenhouse have been there that night? No, and he wouldn’t have been there had anarchists, radicals, criminals and looters not decided to destroy a tiny town in Wisconsin over a police shooting that was also justifiable. The entire episode could have been prevented had legacy media decided to do their jobs and report stories instead of stoking the flames of racial division.

America is polarized and racial tensions are high, not because America is racist, but because some opportunist media outlets and some ambitious public figures have decided that the best way to make money and be famous is to create a race war and cover it to the max. This of course, creates more tension and more race wars which will eventually destroy America from within. As a result and quite ironically, they are creating exactly the situation that William Pierce called for in “The Turner Diaries” and if allowed to continue and grow, America as we know it will come to an end. And that is the scariest part of the story.

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